Brewing formulas on a stained glass window. 
It's beautiful. *wipes away tear* (download link is below pic)
UPDATE: At the request of its owner, we had to remove the file link to a full-sized version of this image.  If you would like to purchase one to hang in your brewery, visit here.


03/20/2012 9:52pm

Can the poster be purchased somewhere?

03/20/2012 10:43pm

We asked the same question and it seems that the publisher has gone out of business. I posted the largest sized image I could find which you could try to take to a printer. Not sure what they would say though.

03/20/2012 10:50pm

Hey Steve,

Here's a place for $28.27 plus shipping:

09/25/2012 9:52am

So true of you while pointing out the warmth and depth of the issue. The subject matter was a sensitive one which bounds one to have a thought on it for a while.


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