Temperature controllers are becoming all the rage with brewers these days and who can blame them?? If you want great brew, then you need to control the temp of fermentation very carefully.

This isn't the first temperature control module that we've covered but it's one of the nicest! 

It checks the box for all the must-haves including:

  • Temperature Profiles - automatically adjust temperatures over time
  • Dual outputs - control multiple devices with a single Model-T
  • Dual temperature probes - control one or both outputs independently
  • Supports wall or panel mounting
  • Requires no wiring
  • Open Source hardware and software
  • Wireless connectivity over your WiFi network
  • Control from anywhere with Internet connection
  • Oh, and a Kickass user interface!

Check out all of the details on kickstarter or BrewBit.com.


11/10/2013 2:43pm

Considering getting one of these. Thanks for the info.


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