Have you ever heard of a beer tower? 
I hadn't until a bunch of us were out at a local joint called Cheeseburgers in Paradise and the server was telling us about them. The girls ordered fufu drinks like frozen sangria pina coladas (which they said were unbelievable) and we ordered a beer tower.

I'm talking about 100oz of your favorite beer that is conveniently brought to the table and poured at your leisure!  It's kept cold by a frozen stainless steel canister that is dropped down into the beer.

This got me thinking of getting one of these for home. How nice would it be to pour some homebrew right from the tap and take it to another location in your house? Made of plastic, it's perfect poolside or for summer BBQs.  

After looking a little online, I realized they are actually called beer tubes and can be purchased for under $100.  The steel canister will set you back another $22 bucks.



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